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Siete in tempo fino al 16 gennaio 2019 per approfittare dell’incredibile PROMO DI NATALE:

ABBONAMENTO 8 MESI BASIC 199€ (invece di 6 mesi a 250€)
ABBONAMENTO 8 MESI FITNESS 249€ (invece di 6 mesi a 300€)
ABBONAMENTO 8 MESI OPEN 279€ (invece di 6 mesi a 340€)promo natale

Ago 31


Ciao a tutti! Finite le vacanze?!
Noi siamo tornati a lavoro da un po’ e stiamo aspettando voi. Ovviamente vi accoglieremo con le nostre strepitose offerte sugli abbonamenti annuali.
Venite a trovarci quando volete per maggiori informazioni o per una prova gratuita, non serve la prenotazione, ma solo tanta voglia di rimettersi in forma 😉Volantino promo Settembre 2017
tel. segreteria: 06/89828661

Mag 21

Aperte le iscrizioni al Centro Estivo 2018

baule 1
Sono aperte le iscrizioni al Baule della Fantasia 2018. Il modulo d’iscrizione è scaribale direttamente dal sito e può essere inviato alla segreteria di Città Futura via mail all’indirizzo info@polisportivacittafutura.it o via fax al num. 06/83961528. Altrimenti potrete passare presso la segreteria del centro sportivo in via dell’Arcadia 108 e compilarlo di persona. Tutte le informazioni relative al Centro Estivo le trovate su questo sito nel menù a tendina ad esso dedicato.

Mag 15

Sono aperte le iscrizioni AL BASKET CITY DAY CAMP

Arriva il CENTRO ESTIVO in città, interamente dedicato al BASKET.
Si svolgerà presso le strutture sportive del Liceo Artistico Caravaggio in via Carlo Tommaso Odescalchi 75 (Tor Marancia) in due periodi settimanali: da lunedì 11 giugno a venerdì 15 giugno e da lunedì 18 giugno a venerdì 22 giugno.

Info: Daniele 327/7913714 – Loredana 393/9201699 – Segreteria Città Futura 377/1671078

Volantino camp Ragazzi.e definitivo-001
modulo iscrizione b day camp

Feb 23

Arriva il corso di STRECH & TONE!

Dal 1°marzo inizia il nuovo corso di STRECH & TONE con Shirley, ogni martedì e giovedì dalle 19.00 alle 20.00.
Lo streching e la tonificazione si uniscono in un connubio perfetto.
Shirley ti aspetta!


Feb 06

Speciale San Valentino

Si avvicina la festa dell’AMORE e noi vogliamo farvi innamorare di Città Futura. Per questo dal 12/02 al 17/02 se farai iscrivere in palestra una persona che ti sta a cuore ti regaleremo un mese di abbonamento.
N.B Se hai un abbonamento già attivo, te lo prolunghiamo di un mese!

Volantino - Promo San Valentino

Gen 20

Torneo di minibasket Pulcini

Questa mattina i nostri cucciolotti hanno disputato la loro prima partita. Al via il torneo di minibasket Pulcini. W la pallacanestro!
Città Futura Caravaggio – Città Futura Battisti – Frassati Ciampino cucciol1cuccol2cucciol3cucciol4

Set 22

Al via le attività sportive della Polisportiva Città Futura anno 2017/18

Sono aperte le iscrizioni ai centri sportivi di Città Futura. I ragazzi hanno già iniziato con le giornate di prova. Per info contattare la segreteria della Polisportiva tel. 06/89828661
FUTURA-Centri Sportivi Municipali

Mar 22

with a runner in scoring position

State transportation officials were considering when to turn all evacuation routes from coastal areas into one way traffic arteries headed inland. John Barton, a former deputy executive director of the Texas Department of Transportation, predicted state officials will do this before the storm hits, but said timing and determining where to use it are the key factors. Storms change paths and if contraflow starts too early, supplies such as extra gasoline needed to support impacted areas can’t get in, he noted..

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In each area I was in, it was kind of an event, with a huge meal and everybody would come around and help in the production, in my portable tent studio. The second time they were more jaded. They had seen a lot of tourists, and there were now satellite dishes and solar panels.

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Cheap Jerseys china You are always going to be a fan. But in order to keep filling that big stadium and keep kids interested in the athletic programs, they need to keep up with the times in a tasteful manner. I don think we will be seeing highlighter yellow uniforms any time soon, but I love how the legacy uniforms look.. Cheap Jerseys china

cheap nfl jerseys Cam’s concussion: Cam Newton took plenty of punishment this season and even complained directly to the commissioner that officials weren’t keeping QBs safe. But he had no one to blame but himself for the biggest hit. In Week 4 he pulled up in front of Falcons linebacker Deion Jones while he was about to convert a 2 point play. cheap nfl jerseys

Pro Football already makes a huge amount of money on free network TV, now they’re trying to squeeze us some more, with less actual coverage. A few months ago I called them complaining about the high prices and they gave me a 50% discounted rate for 6 months. That rate ends on Jan 9 and I once again become a free agent..

Denver’s offensive line continued to stumble. The Broncos benched second year tackle Ty Sambrailo, a second round pick in 2015 and the starting right tackle the past three weeks, and tight end Jeff Heuerman, who replaced Green. But in three quarters against the Chargers, the Broncos drives ended: punt punt field goal punt punt fumble punt missed field goal punt.

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WE FIND OUT WHICH HAT IS GOING TO WIN ALONG WITH THE COLOR OF THE COTTON CANDY. ERIN: THAT BECAUSE THE WISHER FATS WERE FIRST IN THE NEW HAMPSHIRE PRIMARY. >> FOR A WEEK. And that all Scranton want is money they don give a flying f about the Hill section. He from somewhere else too. The scranton cop told me bad I sure that horn blowing every single morning is upsetting a lot more people in the neighborhood than just me.

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Mar 22

skills and intellect of the lawyer

We re not going to accept where we are. Browns head coach Rob ChudzinskiI felt like it was a boxing match. The defense kept on fighting and in the end it shows you how to face adversity. But before hiring a law firm lawyer it is imperative to find out a few important things about the lawyer as the case will be handled by them and the result of the case depends on the skills and intellect of the lawyer. The lawyer must be experienced, forthcoming, intellectual, and must be able to handle the complex situations efficiently and endeavor to get the fair outcome in the favor of their clients. Additionally, they must charge a reasonable amount of the fees for their services and offer assistance when required.

Cheap Jerseys free shipping On his wedding day he was grateful not to have to put on a suit.His bride had even planned to wear a uniform. This had upset her grandmother, until, at the Boulevard Mall, Mroz found the dress with “New York” written in Mets’ colors. “Nan was ecstatic,” said Mroz of her grandmother. Cheap Jerseys free shipping

cheap nfl jerseys Teams are going to be desperate, said centre Sean Monahan. We trying to stay in the position we are and move up as we go. They trying to get in the spot where we are, so this is a big game. Peter George, CEO of McKim Cringan George, said he wasn’t surprised everything old is new again in Winnipeg hockey. He said True North’s Chipman has long been a populist. He revised the original design of the MTS Centre when an outcry complained the new arena’s look wouldn’t be in keeping with the history of the old Eaton’s building.. cheap nfl jerseys

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wholesale nfl jerseys from china Former Calgary Roughnecks star Kaleb Toth acknowledges the crowd during a ceremony in his honour before National Lacrosse League action between the Calgary Roughnecks and Edmonton Rush at the Scotiabank Saddledome in Calgary, Alta. On Saturday, March 2, 2013. Toth, a Roughnecks standout for 11 seasons before retiring in December, was honoured with a 20 minute ceremony and named the first ever ‘Forever a Roughneck’, with his jersey being raised to the ‘Dome’s rafters. wholesale nfl jerseys from china

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Cheap Jerseys from china Your establishment has quite a reputation in the society and it is known that you have made magnanimous gestures in the past in order to raise sporting awareness in the city. This opportunity too hopes to cater to that commitment of yours. Every year on the occasion of our founding president’s death anniversary, we organize a sporting event, which culminates in a fun fair. Cheap Jerseys from china

Cheap Jerseys china The name Les Deux Canailles “The Two Rascals” alludes to the Japanese chef Tsumoru Takano and French matre d’htel Laurent Inoue, who have created a discreet, velvety little spot to showcase Asian accented French cuisine. Elegant but unstuffy, the restaurant turns out small triumphs like a succulent stuffed quail that contains foie gras, mushrooms and raisins, and a tangy sea bream carpaccio whose sesame seeds, marinated eggplant wholesale nfl jerseys discs and onion tempura evoke the land of the rising sun. Impressive local wines enhance flavours, but the marquee drinks are the Japanese whiskies Cheap Jerseys china.

Mar 22

introduced fear of failure

Candid Marketing designed a communication around the brand’s tagline ‘Hunger Bajaye Char, toh Snickers Khol Yaar’ (When hunger strikes at 4 o’clock, open a Snickers bar). Interestingly, as far as its communication is concerned, Snickers identifies only males between 16 24 years of age as its target audience. Candid was also told to limit its interaction to this TG..

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wholesale nfl jerseys Sometimes the problem isn’t with the person but with the vaccine. Department of Health and Human Services, children’s vaccines managed by 76 per cent of vaccine providers “were exposed to inappropriate temperatures for at least five cumulative hours [which] can reduce vaccine potency and efficacy.” Vaccines “are only as good as their storage and administration,” Dr. Poland said.. wholesale nfl jerseys

Cheap Jerseys free shipping Combined, the two 49s are a sterling 15 0 with a 1.48 ERA on the season. They’ve allowed a combined 19 earned runs in 115 1/3 innings pitched while striking out a combined 108 batters and allowing just 28 walks. Opponents are hitting.153 against Arrieta this season and an only slightly better.167 against Sale.. Cheap Jerseys free shipping

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wholesale jerseys It costs a lot more to do this in a car. Well, for the most part. Course the faster you want to go the more it costs. “He’s got to know that we have his back.”Kaleta and Cody McCormick went after Montreal players who leveled big hits during the Sabres’ 5 4 victory Sunday night. The idea of seeking revenge for clean hits is debatable, but the Sabres’ logic for doing it draws little argument.”We want to establish that we are a team and no one is going to take liberties on old guys, young guys,” Kaleta said. “We want to establish that early. wholesale jerseys

Cheap Jerseys from china At Razza Pizza Artigianale in Jersey City, the bread and butter is served on a stone slab. If you know Richer, you know that he nerds out on all his ingredients, which is what makes him a consistent James Beard nominee, wholesale nfl jerseys and makes his restaurants, which also include Arturo Pizzeria in Maplewood, so popular. We heard him go on forever about pizza and meatballs Cheap Jerseys from china.

Mar 22

moves and colorful individual

(MORE: Why Lance Armstrong Couldn Stop Himself (And Still Can fact, Kilduff says that the very nature of intense competition, and the features that make the best competitors, may explain not just Armstrong yen to feel the adrenaline rush of racing again, but the seeming incongruity of athletes who cheat. Certainly the drive to win can, on the one hand, be an inspiration for achieving excellence. Still University in Arizona and the president of RaceRx, a private sports conditioning and performance enhancement company.

Cheap Jerseys china I work in the Telecoms business and to be honest, the latest reports that mobile phones could potentially be damaging is nothing new. Living in fear of something we still won’t know about for years to come seems pointless. Sure, don’t spend excessive time on a mobile phone but don’t take it to the extreme. Cheap Jerseys china

wholesale nfl jerseys The Momentum dancers were impressive. Exhilarating moves and colorful individual costumes gave each dancer their own identity while they moved in perfect harmony in styles ranging from jazz to hip hop. She is an amazing poet and performer. Just 1/2 cup contains more than 400 calories and 25 g of fat. Semisweet chocolate chips contain no milk solids, therefore they contain no lactose, the sugar derived from milk. However, semisweet chocolate morsels do contain sugar. wholesale nfl jerseys

wholesale jerseys from china Its shoes also provide excellent grip and foot support. Keeping your feet stable and safe, no matter how difficult or rugged the workout. Again, a quick browse at a trusted online shop can help you search for Reebok shoes in Qatar. NOTES: Flyers RW Read is sidelined 4 6 weeks with an upper body injury. Newly signed F Mike Vecchione practiced with the Flyers on Saturday and is expected to make his NHL debut Sunday against the New York Rangers. wholesale jerseys from china

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Mar 22

fired at the end of the season

Greeted much more enthusiastically at the start were the returning Jordan Adams, Norman Powell, Kyle Anderson and David Wear, who had all contributed strongly to UCLA’s regular season Pac 12 title a year ago under Ben Howland, who was fired at the end of the season.Alford showed little emotion when he walked onto the court, which seemed to be haunted the night before Halloween.There was about a 20 minute delay when the lights wouldn’t come back on after the player introductions, and then the shot clock didn’t work for five seconds.For The Record Los Angeles Times Saturday, November 02, 2013 Home Edition Main News Part A Page 4 News Desk 1 inches; 31 words Type of Material: Correction UCLA basketball: An article in the Oct. 31 Sports section about UCLA’s exhibition game against Cal State San Bernardino identified Bruins guard Norman Powell as a sophomore. Powell is a junior.”I thought that was a pretty good trick,” Alford said, “turning the lights out and letting the late arrivers deal with the traffic.”Alford also said he was touched that legendary UCLA coach John Wooden’s daughter, Nan, was in the stands.”Walking down the hallway from the locker room to the floor, what it means to see all those banners, the numbers of the guys in the [NBA], the retired jerseys, we want our guys to know, when you walk from that locker room to the floor, what you’re representing, and it’s not just for me,” Alford said.

wholesale nfl jerseys I guess these are sort of like sandles just not open toed. So far they all little cool because they are so loose but I think I like them certainly more than the other solutions I tried so far.Led Zeppelin DVD disc 1, 1969 The band is starting to let their hair grow out. Jimmy Page is playing his telecaster with the dragon painted on it. wholesale nfl jerseys

wholesale jerseys To start with let’s make sure that your pet is actually experiencing the beginning of female dog heat. The medical term for this is pro estrus and the first sign your pet is about to start the dog heat cycle is that she will have a bloody discharge. During this time all of the male dogs she comes in contact with will be very interested in her, thus begins the courting stage. wholesale jerseys

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cheap nfl jerseys The Dolphins continue to make bets that the players who helped push them toward the playoffs last season are upper echelon contributors. Maybe they’ll be right. However, advanced metrics https://www.cheapjerseyshopping.com/ suggest that the Dolphins were an average team, and given that the market for linebackers who don’t rush the quarterback is perpetually soft, Miami might have been better off giving a much smaller deal to Zach Brown (who was in town for a visit this week) or DeAndre Levy than guaranteeing Alonso serious money in the years to come. cheap nfl jerseys

Cheap Jerseys china The Bills were the main attraction, but they were still in their infancy along with the Sabres and Braves.The only complaint fans had about the doubleheader was that it wasn a tripleheader. They couldn get enough.grew up in the and wholesale jerseys was at the Aud every Saturday night, Masiello said. Remember spending 50 cents to get in the place. Cheap Jerseys china

wholesale jerseys from china Too often, a pass interference call is missed, or an official swallows his whistle because the play occurs at the end of a game in a crucial moment. We’ve seen this happen at least twice this season both with the Seahawks on defense (shocking, right?). Richard Sherman blatantly interfered with Julio Jones at the end of the Seahawks Falcons game, but he wasn’t penalized. wholesale jerseys from china

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Mar 22

can a person have a future here

I want people to be upset. When they do well, I want them to be happy. When we were struggling with the Whalers in the early ’80s, it was a tough experience for everybody. “You know, they always talk about Cleveland, but the Passaic River also caught on fire,” he said. “When I was a kid, there was a stream near my house, and you could throw a match on it and watch it flare up. I would spend my summers up in Ringwood.

Cheap Jerseys free shipping A settlement in January that guaranteed labor peace for at least eight years and possibly 10 kick started an intense, 48 game schedule. The 30 teams played to a cumulative 97% of capacity, with 16 teams selling out all 24 home games and 10 more playing to 90% or more of their arena capacity.Teams played to 102.6% of capacity during the playoffs, which were capped by the Boston Chicago Stanley Cup Final. TV ratings were robust. Cheap Jerseys free shipping

wholesale jerseys from china Its. TV. Everywhere. Many young Iraqis are joining the exodus to Europe, spurred on by war, the implosion of their country and the perceived possibility of asylum in Europe. Atar is one of her country’s brightest stars and has won medals for Iraq abroad but she, too, is thinking of leaving. “The future of Iraq is nothing, so how can a person have a future here?” she tells me as we sit in her coach’s living room. wholesale jerseys from china

Cheap Jerseys from china Get politics updates directly to your inbox+ SubscribeThank you for subscribing!Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid EmailIf you have crocodile tears, prepare to shed them.The bankers are upset. They feel hard done by, “bashed” and undervalued.The men who brought the country https://www.cheapjerseyshopping.com/ to its knees in 2008 a fact that Labour fatally failed to drive home want fewer taxes and more freedom to make bigger profits.But the party they bankroll and the Chancellor they put into 11 Downing Street now threaten them with jail for corruption.In his first Mansion House speech since the election, George Osborne admitted that the public want to know why, after so many scandals, at such cost to the country, so few bankers have faced punishment in the courts.”Individuals who fraudulently manipulate financial markets and commit financial crime should be treated like the criminals they are and they will be,” he promised.So, who’s “bashing the bankers” now? And will these fine words really change anything?In the past six years, British banks have paid out billions in fines and compensation for wrongdoing. Of mortgages and insurance. Cheap Jerseys from china

cheap jerseys South Dakota saw the biggest jump in prices, rising 3.5 cents to an average of $3.38 a gallon.Even California’s modest decline of a half a cent was rare when looking at wholesale jerseys the full range of state averages, as it was joined by Hawaii, Nevada, Oregon and Washington as the only states showing declines. Motorists there will probably be hard pressed to notice any relief as the average price fell by less than a penny in each of those states.Why gasoline prices are rising while oil isn’tThe AAA national average now shows prices up 3.9 percent over the course of the last week, along with an increase of 12.4 percent over the last month.And higher prices could be on the way as Americans get ready to hit the road for the Memorial Day holiday weekend and the start of the summer driving season.AAA warned in congressional testimony last week it believes prices will approach $3.25 a gallon over the next 60 days.Even with the record gas prices, AAA is predicting a record number of Americans will be hitting the road during the holiday weekend, with 38.3 million expected to be traveling 100 miles or more, up 1.7 percent from a year ago. And most of those 32.1 million will be driving, according to the motorist group.Worse than ’81 oil spikeOther gas price readings released this week show gasoline prices have soared to levels never seen before as even the inflation adjusted price for a gallon of unleaded topped the 1981 record spike in price that had stood for 26 years.The Lundberg Survey, a bi weekly gas price tracking service, put the price of a gallon of unleaded at $3.18 in its latest reading released late Sunday, up more than 11 cents from its reading of two weeks ago.While gasoline had already been in record territory in current dollars, Trilby Lundberg, publisher of the survey, said this is the first time that her survey topped her 1981 record high when adjusted for inflation.The high price of $1.35 in 1981 works out to $3.15 in current dollars, she said cheap jerseys.

Mar 22

easy money policies pushed

What do you need to know? It’s a free event, for a start, attracting kite fliers and spectators from Ireland and beyond. Kite enthusiasts will compete for a number of prizes, too (“most aerodynamic, most beautiful, and funniest” included). There will also be a number of displays, kite building workshops and demonstrations.

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Mar 22

was to stop the problem

“The FCC has a no blocking rule,” said Marvin Ammori, a First Amendment lawyer and an affiliate scholar at the Stanford Law School Center for Internet Society, in an email. “You can’t block lawful content, and ads are lawful, and an ISP cannot require a fee merely to deliver traffic. The user, not the ISP (or payment from big advertisers), should determine what content he or she receives.”.

iphone x cases He a a Punjabi Indian just like me. We brothers. We known each other for 10 12 years. How many times had this happened? I had no idea. I was so disgusted, confused and afraid. I had always known that something wasn right, but I never had any proof until now.. iphone x cases

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provided for the age groups

There are many options to choose from when considering the types of retro wall phones throughout history. If you like the idea of the “5 cent call”, you may want to consider 1950 Corsley payphones, sure to be a conversation starter at your next party. Or, if you like older looks, a wooden “top bell” wall mounted phone may fit your design needs..

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letter from the doctor

Hour.””I was ridiculously ecstatic because I have been listening to his morning show for years,” Kohler said. “And he always had the same view I did if somebody isn’t doing good they’ve got to get out of town. I’m a doomsday scenario kind of fan: fire everybody.”The unexpected notoriety is prompting Kohler to consider a follow up video, and even a third.”I have a lot of videos and want to do more videos with a less regional slant to them.

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That’s just how it worked. There’s a growing headache right there behind K’vvan’s eyes. Holding a hand out he warns Sawyer away “Don’t come closer. The young big man quickly proved he belonged. At an early practice, Stamps matched the new recruit against a merciless shot blocker two years his senior. The first time down the court, Jefferson put up a quick shot that was swatted away.

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Even when the St. Cloud Times came calling for a profile near the end of the school year, Brian was a bit reluctant to be the center of attention. He didn’t think he was doing anything cool enough to be in the newspaper.. (O. Reg.) 522/99]Qubec0,5 : Type 0 = 0,2 (0,252 % en poids)Rglement sur les produits ptroliers (753 91)Union europenne0,2 (0,1 0,2 % en poids en 1998)Sulphur Content of Certain Liquid Fuels (Teneur en soufre de certains combustibles liquides)(93/12/EEC) 1er octobre 19940,1 % en poids (avec option pour 0,2 % en poids)Sulphur Content of Certain Liquid Fuels (Teneur en soufre de certains combustibles liquides) (1999/32/EC) [1er janvier 2008]Allemagne0,2 (0,15 % en poids)Lgislation nationale pour le mazout lger, 1975Autriche0,1Lgislation nationale pour le mazout lgerFinlande0,1Lgislation nationale pour le mazout lgerIrlande0,2 (0,08 % en poids)Regulation of Sulphur Content wholesale nfl jerseys in Different Oil Products (Rglement sur la teneur en soufre dans diffrents produits ptroliers), juin 1995Norvge0,2 (0,08 % en poids)Lgislation nationale pour le mazout lgerRpublique Tchque1,0 : pour les grandes sources (> 5MW) et les sources moyennes (0,2 5 MW) et 0,2 pour les petites sources (Dcret du ministre de l’Environnement de la Rpublique Tchque (Decree No. III, subpart 225.1)Texas0,3Environmental Quality Regulation (Rglement relatif la qualit environnementale)(30 part I, ss.112.9) 1993.

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