Nov 23

contracts coming up for renewal

It will be interesting to see how Elway handles 2015 with all the contracts coming up for renewal and whether PM will still be a factor in those negotiations. So far, it pretty hard to argue with success and yes, given where we were under McD, the Elway/Fox/PM era has been very successful. IF we win the Lombardi this year, everything will be well worth any minor missteps..

“It would be safer at night to have shelter,” she said. “It would be nice to get clean. Bridge House also provides general case management services. The Downtown Seattle Association estimates $5 billion in construction activity was underway during the summer, with more than 30,000 residential units in the works. And Canada are clamoring at the prospect of landing Amazon second headquarters and with it, investments topping $5 billion. They have until Thursday to submit their proposals..

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There was a time when the Republican Party was much more diverse ideologically. I understand that the GOP once enjoyed had a robust liberal and moderate wing in the 50’s and 60’s. Republican Senators Jacob Javits and Kenneth Keating of New York, Senator Clifford Case of New Jersey, New York Mayor John Lindsey and Governor Nelson Rockefeller were well known liberals who championed the cause of civil rights.

CaP stromal cell interaction in tissue culture recapitulates castration resistanceAbove clinical data suggested that the skeletal microenvironment might render CaP cells resistant to castration. To test this hypothesis, we co cultured the human CaP cell lines LNCaP and 22Rv1 with the bone marrow stromal cell line HS 5 in Boyden chambers. To establish a culture condition that mimics androgen depletion, LNCaP and 22Rv1 were cultured in RPMI 1640 supplemented with 1 cFBS and varying concentrations of the AR antagonist bicalutamide.

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Al Bello/Getty Images 2011: Retired professional boxer Joe Frazier, a former Olympic gold medalist and undisputed world heavyweight champion, dies of liver cancer at the age of 67 in Philadelphia. Frazier was the first boxer to beat Muhammad Ali as a professional, winning a 15 round unanimous decision in 1971 to retain his WBC and WBA world heavyweight titles in what was known as the “Fight of the Century.” Two years later Frazier lost his title when he was knocked out by George Foreman. He retired in 1976 following a second loss to Foreman, but returned for one last fight in 1981.

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Nov 23

thrill of competing in a professionally

Besides great bass fishing and the thrill of competing in a professionally run setting, teams battle for serious winnings. Cabela’s NABC payouts are based on the number of teams entered in each event. Plus, the NABC Big Bass Pot and sponsor bonuses including Ranger Cup, Stratos 2X and Garmin Grand Giveaway add thousands more to the total.

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wholesale nfl jerseys from china Pritchett and other committee members had spoken casually about a project of concern to the News Press a possible re design of De La Guerra Plaza that had not been agendized. That case settled.Calonne said he’d render a decision on the matter by Friday.As much as I despise Murillo blatantly racist politics this is bizarre. What, we need to prove she is in bed with bigots like PODER? I think we already know she wants to perpetuate Latino victimhood in order to push her social agenda so why the sketchy request to acquire everything she does?I do wonder pardall if you actually believe that stupidity or if you are just throwing out stuff for fodder.You believe that Progressives are more transparent than Conservative?You believe there is a difference by party affiliation?We have a Justice Department under Obama that has continually refused to release records about their actions and this is somehow a right wing flaw?In spite of what the brain dead left rails on about there is not a lick of difference between the transparency of the Bush or Obama White Houses.I think Murillo is a racist idiot making a career in this lil town off of her own minority constituency. wholesale nfl jerseys from china

The girl was born in 2009, with Greenblatt’s and Stillufsen’s genes and Hunt’s last name. They spent part of the infant’s early months together in Stillufsen’s New Jersey home. Later, the Manhattan based men rented a house in Stillufsen’s seaside hometown in summers, her busy season managing her family’s restaurant.

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The Maryland/Israel Development Center, a public private partnership that strives to create jobs and promote trade and investment in Maryland and Israel, was instrumental in luring Alvarion to Maryland, according to a statement from the office of Gov. Martin O’Malley (D). Headquarters and helped connect the company with economic development officials from the state and the county,” the statement said..

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Cheap Jerseys from china There a disinction between the two. Bob Nicholson and Chiarelli will change that. Shanahan, clearly, did not want to go the established Chiarelli or Ray Shero route in hiring a GM. “There are promoters who are interested (in more shows by the reunited lineup), but they’ve said, ‘Give it a rest for a year.’ The Eagles found out the hard way when they went out for a cheap jerseys second year and wound up selling tickets for $5.” That left other band members confused and disappointed. “Brian is very bummed,” Wilson’s manager, Jean Sievers, said Tuesday. Wilson himself said this year’s tour, which includes two final performances later this week in London, has been “very tiring,” but he added, “I’m really looking forward to doing another album.” Love said that he sees recording and touring as separate matters, and that his decision to return to touring without Wilson, who is his cousin, or Jardine and Marks, who started the Beach Boys when they were teenagers growing up in Hawthorne, wouldn’t preclude more recording together Cheap Jerseys from china.

Ago 31


Ciao a tutti! Finite le vacanze?!
Noi siamo tornati a lavoro da un po’ e stiamo aspettando voi. Ovviamente vi accoglieremo con le nostre strepitose offerte sugli abbonamenti annuali.
Venite a trovarci quando volete per maggiori informazioni o per una prova gratuita, non serve la prenotazione, ma solo tanta voglia di rimettersi in forma 😉Volantino promo Settembre 2017
tel. segreteria: 06/89828661

Ago 03


Vi ricordiamo che domani sarà l’ultimo giorno di apertura della palestra prima della chiusura estiva. Saremo chiusi da domenica 5 agosto fino a mercoledì 22 agosto.
Tutto lo staff di Città Futura vi augura buone ferie e buon relax!
Vi aspettiamo dal 23 agosto prontissimi a farvi sudare tutti i bagordi estivi.


Giu 05

Arriva l’esibizione finale di YOSEIKAN BUDO

Siete tutti invitati VENERDì 15 GIUGNO ad assistere all’esibizione di fine anno di YOSEIKAN BUDO che si terrà presso l’Impianto Sportivo di Città Futura dalle 15.30.
Venite a curiosare e prendere informazioni per il prossimo anno sportivo, Danilo sarà a vostra disposizione.
saggio Y.Budo

Mag 21

Aperte le iscrizioni al Centro Estivo 2018

baule 1
Sono aperte le iscrizioni al Baule della Fantasia 2018. Il modulo d’iscrizione è scaribale direttamente dal sito e può essere inviato alla segreteria di Città Futura via mail all’indirizzo o via fax al num. 06/83961528. Altrimenti potrete passare presso la segreteria del centro sportivo in via dell’Arcadia 108 e compilarlo di persona. Tutte le informazioni relative al Centro Estivo le trovate su questo sito nel menù a tendina ad esso dedicato.

Mag 15

Sono aperte le iscrizioni AL BASKET CITY DAY CAMP

Arriva il CENTRO ESTIVO in città, interamente dedicato al BASKET.
Si svolgerà presso le strutture sportive del Liceo Artistico Caravaggio in via Carlo Tommaso Odescalchi 75 (Tor Marancia) in due periodi settimanali: da lunedì 11 giugno a venerdì 15 giugno e da lunedì 18 giugno a venerdì 22 giugno.

Info: Daniele 327/7913714 – Loredana 393/9201699 – Segreteria Città Futura 377/1671078

Volantino camp Ragazzi.e definitivo-001
modulo iscrizione b day camp

Feb 23

Arriva il corso di STRECH & TONE!

Dal 1°marzo inizia il nuovo corso di STRECH & TONE con Shirley, ogni martedì e giovedì dalle 19.00 alle 20.00.
Lo streching e la tonificazione si uniscono in un connubio perfetto.
Shirley ti aspetta!


Feb 06

Speciale San Valentino

Si avvicina la festa dell’AMORE e noi vogliamo farvi innamorare di Città Futura. Per questo dal 12/02 al 17/02 se farai iscrivere in palestra una persona che ti sta a cuore ti regaleremo un mese di abbonamento.
N.B Se hai un abbonamento già attivo, te lo prolunghiamo di un mese!

Volantino - Promo San Valentino

Gen 24

EYBL al Palavenali

Da domani sarà tempo di al PalAvenali: questo il programma di tutte le diciotto partite che renderanno, da giovedì a domenica, l’impianto di Via dell’Arcadia una delle capitali del basket europeo.

torneo pavenali#eurobasketroma Lido di Roma Basket EYBL Central European Division EYBL Italy