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Even those that teach Tai Chi for health don rigorously follow

Yeah and that was pretty much all Boog too forcing them into a no win situation by continuing longer than it should.Witten may have gotten some points being passionate and he was ready to cut it off after a normal amount of time, then Boog comes in and starts saying some shit i guess either to say shit or fill time, and then Witten and the deep voice guy have to respond because if they ignore it and go back to the game they look disingenuous and that wouldn play well, but then they have to keep talking over the int and everyone noticed because usually a pick gets the announcers to raise their voices and be all excited.Boog really fucked them over thereBooger at one point said the score was 13 10 when it was 14 10.Even worse, Washington kicked a FG at the end of the first half. There was nobody talking. Witten was making a point about the last play and the Redskins special teams lined up for the kick, and Witten wrapped up his point.

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Nowadays, there are very few teachers that know the 2 men, self defense forms. Even those that teach Tai Chi for health don rigorously follow the principles and claim that the form they teach ( 1 37 postures or more, but usually less than the long form) has the same benefits as the long form. Logic tells you that 37 postures will not give the same exercise and energy flow as over a hundred.

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