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That set off a new set of events with DMK MLAs rushing into the

Anticipating a strike, Mr. Bitt rolff was asked how he likes to prepare catfish. “My favorite is baked, with potatoes cheap oakleys, onions, peppers, tomatoes and carrots,” he said. Stalin demanded the trust motion be postponed.The Speaker rejected the demand for a secret ballot and went ahead with the process to divide MLAs into 6 blocks of 38 each for a head count when pandemonium erupted.have to decide how the voting method should be. Nobody can interfere in my decision on how to vote, the Speaker shouted over the ruckus.That set off a new set of events with DMK MLAs rushing into the well of the House shouting slogans and a few of them tried to climb on to the Speaker dais. Amid the ruckus, members broke chairs, tore off microphones, and there were reports that one of the MLAs grabbed Speaker chair damaging it.DMK MLA Ku Ka Selvam sat on the Speaker chair in protest against the floor test.Soon the Speaker walked out of the Assembly after postponing the session to 1 pm.As the House was adjourned, Edapadi Palanisamy went into a huddle with MLAS supporting him.Prominent leader of the Panneerselvam faction and former education minister Mafoi Pandiarajan complained his life was under threat but the government had provided him with no security.

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