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” Changing patterns of illness in old age

The teachers in the control group knew about the intervention arm but were not informed about its content. No incentives for participating in the study were offered to the children.Fig 2Content and timetable of interventionOpen in new tabOutcome measuresBaseline (August 2005) and follow up (June 2006) measurements took place at school within the same three week period for all children; the intervention period lasted nine months. All assessors were trained in a pilot study two months before the main study.

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pandora rings A definition of successful ageing needs to include elements that matter to elderly peopleThe substantial increases in life expectancy at birth achieved over the previous century, combined with medical advances, escalating health and social care costs, and higher expectations for older age, have led to international interest in how to promote a healthier old age and how to age “successfully.” Changing patterns of illness in old age, with morbidity being compressed into fewer years and effective interventions to reduce disability and health risks in later life, make the goal of ageing successfully more realistic. Debate continues about whether disability has been postponed,1 although the Berlin ageing study2 and the US MacArthur study of ageing3 showed that greater longevity has resulted in fewer, not more, years of disability.A forward looking policy for older age would be a programme to promote successful ageing from middle age onwards, rather than simply aiming to support elderly people with chronic conditions. But what is successful ageing? And who should define it?We discuss existing models of the constituents of successful ageing from the social, psychological, and medical sciences pandora rings.

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